I like crap TV. So sue me.

I should be finishing up my creative writing piece that I have to send out on Tuesday. (I’m being workshopped on Thursday… EEEEK! Cue: Nervous Anxiety.) But I had to take a break. Killing someone really takes it out of you. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Last night, I went to this Shakespeare reading thing. Not really sure how I ended up getting roped into it but somehow or another there I was. Participating in a reading of Richard III. I quickly found myself banished to the proverbial ‘children’s table.’ Maybe it was the lewd jokes Sarah and I were making. Or the fact that we were eating Tangfastics. Or our ability to have a good fifteen minute conversation using nothing but quotes from YouTube and Gavin and Stacey. Well, whatever it was, our level of juvenility was quickly established. But I mean, honestly… How are you supposed to survive Shakespeare without a bit of humor and candy? (Hint: You can’t. Or, at least, I can’t.)**

I think that’s the way it is with academia. In order for me to survive I have to have outside interests. Locked in the library all day surrounded by books that don’t talk? With no human interaction? I’d go mad! Personally, I don’t want to end up being someone who can only discuss at length the character development and usage of place in so and so’s such and such short stories. You didn’t follow that? THAT’S BECAUSE IT’S BORING! No one wants to talk about academia in a pub. Oh that’s just me? Then give me pause so I can run out into on coming traffic.

Photo from weheartit.com

I realize on my path to becoming an academic (which I hope to do) I’m going to have intellectual conversations outside the walls of university. And I’m fine with that. Sometimes the situation warrants such conversations. Sometimes it’s just a natural progression. But, honestly… I rather enjoy my youtube clips and vulgar jokes. Sarcastic comments and shit TV shows. And you best believe I will talk about sports. (Speaking of… Brett Favre last night? **snicker**) So if that qualifies me as juvenile in your eyes so be it. I think it just makes me well-rounded. And way more entertaining.

**This rant was not directed at specific people. And I had a pretty good time at the Shakespeare thing.

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